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1865 blog by private matthews

Well I did not have to dessert after all. Last month General Lee surrendered at appomattax court house, and finally i can go home, away from crazy commanders, terrible food and lazy soldiers. My only sorrows are that my brother died and the confederacy surrendered but both have been midigated by honor, my brothers being that he was awarded a medal of the highest sort and that Lee surrendered in his best repersentation of the south, a spotless suit while Grant was in his shabby uniform. I am coming home, sally and father! finally it is done.

corporal mathews 1864 blog

Things are not going well. In my regiment with the insane (and who I think supports the north) leader, who just yells insubordination all the time, the green rich babies who do not know the first thing about working, our supplies have run out. we have no more tents, no more bullets, no more guns, and no more uniforms incoming. Everything we are ever going to have is going to be carried with us now and we are probably going to die because of it. We now have to ration much more effectivly, with less food for everyone and my belly already moans to be filled. Our guns now have to be perserved beyond care and we are no longer training with weapons because we can not waste any bullets. And it is all General Shermans fault. When he burned Atlanta he burned our only factories so now we are most likely going to starve or run out of bullets in battle or be shot by our own men because we have no uniforms. I wonder if the north accepts desserters?

1863 blog; letter home by Private Mathews.

Dear John Mathews,
     I write to you with a heavy heart and on tear stained paper as the barer of bad news. As you are aware Your sons joined the military as infantry men, and I am one of them, William. Recently a battle in Gettysburg occurred and it was the Bloodiest battle in the war, and in the after math as the smoke cleared over the blood stained hills, the Union emerged the victor. One of the main reasons for this was the 14th Minnesota charge. In a event reminiscent of bunker hill during the revolutionary war, the regiment was defending the hill against the confederate forces when the defenders ran out of bullets. They then charged the confederates, with bayonets fixed. Your youngest son was attacking the union. He is dead. This letter is from your eldest son to tell you about his awards. He was awarded a posthumus certificate of merit for being the only soldier to stay and fight when the union came charging down the hill and when they reached him, he took out his personal knife, and took down three men before taking a bayonet to the chest and crying out "I died for my true country." He was buried where he died in the battle field memorial in a grave that read, "Was a brave man in a sea of cowerds."

                                                                                                      your's truly, William Mathews

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1865 blog- Lincolns Assassination-Major Otott (Lily galvan)

Lincoln's Assassination is an event that no one will forget. This event markes the end of our fight with the union nation. The 16th president who made a difference for both sides of the United States of America. Two sides who oppose each others beliefs. Assassination a word that will be used each time the name of this president is used. This dreaded word that made a difference in our minds reminding us of the sadness that reigned. He will lie in loving memory and with the words " I changed America" on his angel wings.

1865 Blog- Private Kist

                                                                                                                                             April 11, 1865
Dear Sweet Angels of the World,
         The war is over. The Union has won. General Lee has met with General Grant and has surrendered. We have said goodbye to our fellow soldiers. We have gone home. I now right this journal entry on my front porch, too awake to sleep. I write this as a final entry in this journal, as a symbol to that the war is over and settled. The battle of Sailors Creek was a hard one. The south was cornered from the beginning as General Grant's well supplied troops cornered us from all sides. We all knew that if we wanted to live then we would have to surrender. It was either that or die. General Lee dressed in his best suit, if he was going to be taken as a prisoner, he was going to do it with dignity. The terms of surrender were nice, we got to keep our own guns we were to go home, we got to keep our own horses, and we were given 25,000 ration meals. I remember this now, so happy that the war is over, both sides tired and homesick. I will now go to sleep, there is no more to say.
                                                 Good Night and Far Well,
                                                                       Sweet Angels of the World

1865 - Majo Madden - Brady

Dear Wife, The Confederacy has lost this war of ideals. Union General Grant overwhelmed us, and was able to get General Lee to surrender. The terms of surrender were generous, allowing us to keep our privately owned horses and weaponry, at the expense of all Military Gear. Less than a week later, The Union fell apart. President Lincoln was assassinated by a hero, John Wilkes Booth. He sacrificed himself for the betterment of this Nation, and we owe him our thanks. I'll be returning home soon, along with my fellow soldiers. I hope you await my arrival. Best Wishes, Steven Madden

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Kasia Sustaita-1865 Blog

June 1865

Greetings to the Editor of the New Orleans Times:
It has been a long year so far and many things have taken place. I am glad to call New Orleans my home now. I appreciate the hospitality here and glad I am involved in Reconstruction after our country’s devastating war. Back in May, word had gotten out that our divided nation was no longer divided. What was left of the Confederacy there in Texas, as their intentions were good, everyone now realizes that it was a useless battle that I was not involved in. In one of our nation’s leading newspapers, I have been criticized by some that I did not fully support General Lee in the battle at Gettysburg and that I am partly to blame for the loss of that battle. I feel that no one should hold grudges against each other and continue to live in the past. God wants us to forgive each other for our sins as he would too. We should put the pain and suffering behind us and support President Johnson.  Most are aware that I have now joined the Republican Party. The war is over, and we must move forward and embrace change.
Let me set the record straight, my friendly association with Ulysses Grant is not for political reasons. He and I attended West Point together many years ago, and even though we had different beliefs about government, we have always remained friends.
I ask those that have criticized me here in New Orleans to please remember, that I consider this city as my home,let the past remain in the past. On behalf of the Republican Party let us all work together on Reconstruction and dispelling rumors.

James Longstreet

1865 blog by private matthews

Well I did not have to dessert after all. Last month General Lee surrendered at appomattax court house, and finally i can go home, away from...