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1863 Blog Post- Private Kist

                                                                                                                                             May 29, 1863
Dear Sweet Angels of the World,
         Things have gone from bad to worst. Multiple soldiers from my regiment have died from disease in the last week and it looks like there will be more to follow. The food supply is getting very low and it seems as though soon we will have to split one hard tack into six individual pieces. And the weather is getting moist and wet again and I think that is why there are soldiers dying. The only good thing I can think of at the moment is that I have got a soldier in my regiment educating me on the basics. I don't know if you could notice or not but I'm not misspelling as many words as I used to. To come to think about it, I haven't misspelled a word in a very long time. Wow, that really is a miracle. We haven't seen much action except the few times that we get raided or we raid a building or some enemy camp. The thing is, is that we are probably going see a little more action sooner or later since there was a little hint in the plans for us soldiers. The hint was that a group of soldiers might be going out at night and infiltrating enemy lines for food and medicine which will most likely by guarded if we are going to steal from their personal supply. And speak of the devil, we are now being called for a big meeting. I will write soon.

                                               Until next time,
                                                       Sweet Angels of the World
To: My beloved Mother and Sister
     Life after being switched to the other side of the war was pretty well being part of the south with our outstanding leader general lee taking charge in Gettysburg with his tactics war strategys to make fish hook attack form but just because we didn't win the battle  doesn't mean we loose the war yet as long as our confederate souls live on we can't loose.

Journal entry 1863-Major Ottot (Lily)

To General Lee,

Oh dearest General Lee we have lost at the battle of Gettysburg even after our recent wins. The Union was ready and prepared and our rifled muskets  were not prepared for the surprise that we received. You have been a GREAT general but if it were me I would help the rebels win in the North to work out a peace treaty.
These rations have been hard on my stomach but I will live. If we secede we lose our grip on our southern way of life. We need newer and well tuned tactics to help us win.

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Kasia Sustaita-1863 Blog

Personal Journal Captain Longstreet, Confederacy
July 4, 1863

I am writing these records in the event of my death. Perhaps I may want to write a book someday about the past 4 days. I don’t have the courage to write another letter home and worry my beloved Rose and our little baby boy. I started out in this battle a man of God, strong in my faith, but now i am defeated and i don't know how to recover.
Starting July 1st, General Lee’s strategy started in Southern Pennsylvania. Union General Buford and our General Heath got into a skirmish. A lot of fighting with the result of the Union taking higher ground. We became targets as we disgracefully ran for cover. Many of our men were willing to die with integrity than just run away and hide like a coward. Thus they ran backwards, facing the bullets so that if the were to die, they died with honor.  
The second day we charged up the hills to get the Yanks. It was a fierce battle with a lot of bloodshed. At 10pm the fighting ended. The reports came in as 37,000 casualties over the last two days. Day three we thought there was still hope. We decided to attack the Union Center and General Lee sent heavy artillery with General Pickett leading the division. The results of Pickett's charge was our worst defeat. We returned across the Potomac River back to Virginia. Every building became a hospital with wounded men 12 to 1. The first battlefield cemetery came to be and Lincoln made a speech at Gettysburg. Some men say that this speech will go down in history as the greatest speech made at a battlefield.

Today was the Fall of Vicksburg. Our confederacy is now divided. The North has control of the Mississippi River. They say Grant is now a national hero. We are out of rations and are forced to claim defeat. We are hungry, thirsty, and tired. I do know that God is with us and watching over us, but I can’t seem to find much faith these days. I will try to maintain my connection with God. No no I will maintain my connection with him, for he knows what's good for us all and has a plan for each and every one of us. Losing faith will get me no where, only bring me lower in happiness and success.

1863 Blog Post - Major Madden

Beware Pickett's Charge

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1862 2nd Journal Entry- Major Otott (LILY)

A regiment during the civil war.

This is a photo of one of the proud southern regiments who are winning this war. We hope this war will end soon because the hardtack they give us is not as good as my precious wife's delicious food and hearing my children run around the house. Being apart of the militarizes infantry is most likely the most difficult duty I have been given aside from loading and re-loading the minie balls into the musket. These rebels keep coming at us will their plans of overcoming our army but nothing to worry about we are confident in our numbers and strategies.

1862 journal entry- Private Kist

                                                                                                                                   September 19, 1862
Dear Sweet Angels of the World,
         I have survived the Battle of Antietam. We have lost a few of the solders in our regiment but we weren't quite as affected as some of the other regiments. My and my fellows didn't see much action but we did see enough that we would be counted in the battle in the future. We saw General Lee a few times during the battle and he looked like a god. Sitting up there on that high ground looking in the direction of the battle, a look of concentration on his face. Just seeing him up there directing troops and holding the lines together was so awe inspiring that when any enemy got close we would protect with such a passion that other people were inspired. Even though no one really won the battle the northerners claim the victory. Those yankees are going to lose this war so bad. I have to go now, they are calling us for training. I will write very soon.

                                                     Good Bye,
                                                               Sweet Angels of the World

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Kasia Sustaita-1862 Blog

Captain Longstreet is giving a sermon to the soldiers (after the battle had occurred)..He is talking...

There is a lot of talk about where the Confederacy will go from here. I know God was present when we gathered outside Sharpsburg, ready to fight for our beliefs in this long battle. I never thought so many changes could take place in one day. When we gained control of the Cornfield finally, when I saw the reddened cornfield and all that bloodshed I thought God was finally putting an end to the killing. When I heard that Alabama soldier yell “about face” back at Bloody Lane, we retreated. When we got to the bridge at Antietam Creek we put up a good fight. Three different cannon bombs were more than we could bear. We had no choice but to retreat. General Lee conducted a final meeting while Burnside was getting his men across that bridge.
So we reorganized and by the grace of god, A.P. Hill's infantry arrived and helped push back the Union troops. Toward the end of this bloody day it has been said that General Lee retreated to Virginia because McClelland did not act. Was there actually a winner in this heinous war? The Union claimed victory. McClelland was fired for not taking action, the photos taken of the battle scene tell a story all their own. They speak for themselves and show the reality of the bloodshed.
President Lincoln releases his “Emancipation Proclamation” of the Antietam disaster.
So before we close in prayer and end this meeting- remember it is not our place to question the Lord and ask how this could happen. Remember that the photos tell a story.  Remember that God sees all the bloodshed from up above, far much more than the photos tell us.

Let us all pray not only for the south, but let us pray for our enemies as well, as we are all God’s children just as it says in this glorious book I hold high in my hand.

1862 Blog Post - Major Madden
(Glossary Words are in Italics)

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1861 Journal 2: commander by private mathews

I have joined the worst regiment in tye confederate army but it is of no fault of the members who are actulaly very nice. We also have very good uniforms, that look amazing. The tents and general equitment is also of extreme quality. The problem is, the comander is insane. He always asks me to do imposible tasks like clean every gun in the armory and walk to Texas and back. And he only does it to me, every else just does normal duties like take care of your guns or clean the dishes. And when ever I say I can't do that he just shouts in my face saying insubordination. He even says that when I do something else wtong like yesterday my uniforms buttons tore off and I did not repair it in time for role call and when he should have said my uniform was incomplete he just yelled insubordination. How in gods name did he become commander. Any way I will deal with it until he gets demoted which will clearly happen soon.

1861 Journal Entry-Major Otott

July 16,1861

The day we were deployed to fight against the Union. My limbs weak from the dozens of drills we ran everyday before today for hours at a time. Hearing the rippling " BANGS" of our rifles and screams of the wounded. Getting lost in the smoke that hides the bodies laying dead on the grass the is no longer green but red from the blood of both Dixies and Yankees. We fought alongside the great "Stonewall" who led us to this amazing victory. Seeing them trickle away from us made me think that I could be going home soon.We picked up the scrapes of what they left of their pride as they ran like mice that saw a human.With the Norths 2,896 casualties they will think twice before they say they are winning this war.

Goodbye for now.

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Blog Post 1861 - Major Madden

1861 Journal Entry- Private Kist

                                                                                                                                             June 15, 1861
Dear Sweet Angels of the World,

        It has been 3 months since I joined the Confederate Army and tensions are running high. Those northerners are so stuck up they wont know what hit them! My regiment and I wont be going into battle anytime soon, though. We are still learning how to aim a good shot. 3 men have already been sent home, they just didn't have any good teeth on them. They couldn't rip the bag of gunpowder fast enough. Other than that, we are doing pretty well on the basics of the war. We now have some information on the Union's troops and supplies. Also a surprise attack might be under way, those stuck up northerners wont no what hit them. The war will be under way soon enough and then we will save our way of life! Its not our fault that maybe some slaves get whipped, they just misbehave to much. And besides we are doing them a favor, we give them food, water, and shelter in exchange for labor on the fields and in the house, that all. I have to go now, they are calling for everyone to go to sleep now. But don't worry I will write something soon.

                                                         Good Night,
                                                                  Sweet Angels of the World

Kasia Sustaita-1861 Journal Entry

July 16-21, 1861

It’s been a rough few days here in Virginia. Unfortunately, some of the soldiers are infected with dysentery. They are struggling to keep up with the demands of a soldier. However, they are persisting to stay strong in spite of their diseases. These soldiers are an excellent example of dedication and bravery. I have much respect for them. Our Dixie spy informed us of the plans of the Union, and how they are going to cut the railroads to prevent us from getting imported goods. Before they could take action, we formed a wall out of the soldiers along the side of Bull Run Creek to prevent them from coming anywhere near our railroads. As the soldiers were deployed, the Union sent their soldiers to flank us. We decided to send for Cavalry and Confederate trains. When they arrived to Bull Run, the Union was outnumbered and they began to fall apart. Victory was ours! Praise God for this success! I knew he was on the side of the Confederacy.

Sadly, we had almost 2,000 casualties, but the North had at least a thousand more. I feel as if winning this battle made us stronger mentally and made us more fearless. I do hope my dear Rose is doing alright, as well as our beloved boy.  I can’t wait to tell her about our triumph.   

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Enlistment Blog: Private Kist

                                                                                                                                           April 21, 1861
Dear Sweet Angles of the World,

        I have left my home in Henderson, Texas and signed up for the millitary. I will fight for my beleefs and way of life. We have to stop the Union in there tracks. The problem is is that I am getting a little to old to fight, for God's sake I am forty five! I have added my name to the oficial list of names. It now says the words Orlin Kist on it. I do hope I make it home in one peece for my wife, father, and for children. I now share a tent with a much older man than me. He's a queit one, my bunk mate. I don't no a thing about him. They say in the north that slavery is bad, but I won't beleeve a word those northerners say without prove and they don't have a shred of it. Today we were given a pep talk on the war. The north's certanty that they are going to win this war will doom them to fail. Today in camp was a relaxed day, probly the only relaxed day that we are going to get. In the folowing weeks we will be trained on what to do and what not to do. we may be the under dog, but we are strong. Those northerners don't no who they are messing with. The food isn't very good, but at least it's food. I don't even no what they are feeding us and I don't reely want to no. My regiment name is Kings of the South, power to the wealthy! I must go now, the are calling for everyone to go to sleep now. Tomorow will be an intresting day.
                                                Good Night,
                                                               Sweet Angles   

Enlistment blog Corporal Mathews

Today I have made the bigest mistake of my entire adult life that will most likely kill me and my brother and even if i do not by being shot in the Head I will have very minimal pay off. I have joined the confederate army with my brother. Mistake one. MAKING MY GODDAMN BROTHER JOIN THE MILLITARY! He was not excited to join at all and the only reason he joined was to be with me and that didn't even happen! He was assinged to a different regiment. Mistake two I joined the military! I am a cook not a soldier! I will be shot so fast! And i joined the regement that was made up of soft rich guy that can shoot! So i will die very soon. And the commander keeps shouting insubordination for no reason. So i might die soon. Bye.

Enlistment Blog: Captain Longstreet

Dear my beloved Rose,
How are you? How is our beautiful baby boy doing? I cannot fathom into words how much I miss you both. Times are tough right now. Supplies are running low, but please don’t you worry about me. God will help me through these difficult times and give me strength to carry on. Some of the men here have no respect for their wives back home. They have turned to whiskey to help them through these lonely and discouraging days. I as a man of God am appalled to the actions they are deciding to make. Devouring the devil in a bottle just to seek some sort of  helping hand?  What is this tomfoolery? I don’t know what President Lincoln is thinking. Has he gone mad? Yes slavery is indeed unfair to the negroes, but it is a necessary evil. Without those slaves, how will things get done? He needs to open his eyes and see a little clearer. What he's trying to do isn’t logical nor intelligent. I'm definitely sure those rumors about his wife are true. Shes probably all for this nonsense, considering her mental state. Keep having faith, my beautiful rose. I'm sure you're taking excellent care of the baby. I pray for you both everyday. You both are what keeps me going. I love you and him very much as you already know. We will talk again soon, my love.

Enlistment Blog:Major George Otott

To My Dearest Millicent,

I have been inducted into the Confederate Army as Major. Kings of the South is the name of our mighty regiment. This is a hardship that you along with our two young children will have to understand. Leaving you alone with not only affect you but also my father. This battle as risk that I along with many other soldiers are willing to take no matter how many casualties take place. Even thought this war is what torn my relationship with my mother I know that once we win our rights to live our "Southern ways" we will all become whole again. These abolitionists are fighting for no specific reason only to shatter our wealth. My cartridge box will be full and prepared for my homecoming. Now remember be strong and POWER THROUGH WEALTH!

Enlistment Blog - Major Steven Madden

  1. I still remember that day I left my father. I had grown impatient of politics, and realized the only way to make change is to force change. At the age of 45 I enlisted to fight for the Confederacy. I left behind my children to fight battle after battle for what’s right. My fellow Dixie’s and I were brought to a run down camp full of disease and malnutrition. Mutilated bodies surrounded us, as if suffering from dysentery right in front of us. As I looked around the campsite, I saw firsthand the horror we would face. They took us through the drills, most getting the hang of these exercises with ease, due to the similar nature that’s shared between them and our lives outside the war. You could hear the shock in the recruits voices as they replied to their unit commanders. The officers were crowded around a table, supposedly discussing tactics to help them avoid enemy soldiers, so they could come up with a strategy. We were handed our rations by a recruit, consisting of Coffee, Hardtacks, and Salt Pork, and were ordered to await further commands. We passed the time by talking about our lives outside of the war, and about current events. The one thing we could all agree on, is that slavery is a necessity. - Steven Madden

1865 blog by private matthews

Well I did not have to dessert after all. Last month General Lee surrendered at appomattax court house, and finally i can go home, away from...