Monday, April 10, 2017

1861 Journal Entry-Major Otott

July 16,1861

The day we were deployed to fight against the Union. My limbs weak from the dozens of drills we ran everyday before today for hours at a time. Hearing the rippling " BANGS" of our rifles and screams of the wounded. Getting lost in the smoke that hides the bodies laying dead on the grass the is no longer green but red from the blood of both Dixies and Yankees. We fought alongside the great "Stonewall" who led us to this amazing victory. Seeing them trickle away from us made me think that I could be going home soon.We picked up the scrapes of what they left of their pride as they ran like mice that saw a human.With the Norths 2,896 casualties they will think twice before they say they are winning this war.

Goodbye for now.

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