Thursday, April 20, 2017

1862 journal entry- Private Kist

                                                                                                                                   September 19, 1862
Dear Sweet Angels of the World,
         I have survived the Battle of Antietam. We have lost a few of the solders in our regiment but we weren't quite as affected as some of the other regiments. My and my fellows didn't see much action but we did see enough that we would be counted in the battle in the future. We saw General Lee a few times during the battle and he looked like a god. Sitting up there on that high ground looking in the direction of the battle, a look of concentration on his face. Just seeing him up there directing troops and holding the lines together was so awe inspiring that when any enemy got close we would protect with such a passion that other people were inspired. Even though no one really won the battle the northerners claim the victory. Those yankees are going to lose this war so bad. I have to go now, they are calling us for training. I will write very soon.

                                                     Good Bye,
                                                               Sweet Angels of the World

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