Thursday, April 6, 2017

Enlistment Blog: Captain Longstreet

Dear my beloved Rose,
How are you? How is our beautiful baby boy doing? I cannot fathom into words how much I miss you both. Times are tough right now. Supplies are running low, but please don’t you worry about me. God will help me through these difficult times and give me strength to carry on. Some of the men here have no respect for their wives back home. They have turned to whiskey to help them through these lonely and discouraging days. I as a man of God am appalled to the actions they are deciding to make. Devouring the devil in a bottle just to seek some sort of  helping hand?  What is this tomfoolery? I don’t know what President Lincoln is thinking. Has he gone mad? Yes slavery is indeed unfair to the negroes, but it is a necessary evil. Without those slaves, how will things get done? He needs to open his eyes and see a little clearer. What he's trying to do isn’t logical nor intelligent. I'm definitely sure those rumors about his wife are true. Shes probably all for this nonsense, considering her mental state. Keep having faith, my beautiful rose. I'm sure you're taking excellent care of the baby. I pray for you both everyday. You both are what keeps me going. I love you and him very much as you already know. We will talk again soon, my love.

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