Thursday, April 6, 2017

Enlistment Blog - Major Steven Madden

  1. I still remember that day I left my father. I had grown impatient of politics, and realized the only way to make change is to force change. At the age of 45 I enlisted to fight for the Confederacy. I left behind my children to fight battle after battle for what’s right. My fellow Dixie’s and I were brought to a run down camp full of disease and malnutrition. Mutilated bodies surrounded us, as if suffering from dysentery right in front of us. As I looked around the campsite, I saw firsthand the horror we would face. They took us through the drills, most getting the hang of these exercises with ease, due to the similar nature that’s shared between them and our lives outside the war. You could hear the shock in the recruits voices as they replied to their unit commanders. The officers were crowded around a table, supposedly discussing tactics to help them avoid enemy soldiers, so they could come up with a strategy. We were handed our rations by a recruit, consisting of Coffee, Hardtacks, and Salt Pork, and were ordered to await further commands. We passed the time by talking about our lives outside of the war, and about current events. The one thing we could all agree on, is that slavery is a necessity. - Steven Madden

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