Monday, April 10, 2017

1861 Journal 2: commander by private mathews

I have joined the worst regiment in tye confederate army but it is of no fault of the members who are actulaly very nice. We also have very good uniforms, that look amazing. The tents and general equitment is also of extreme quality. The problem is, the comander is insane. He always asks me to do imposible tasks like clean every gun in the armory and walk to Texas and back. And he only does it to me, every else just does normal duties like take care of your guns or clean the dishes. And when ever I say I can't do that he just shouts in my face saying insubordination. He even says that when I do something else wtong like yesterday my uniforms buttons tore off and I did not repair it in time for role call and when he should have said my uniform was incomplete he just yelled insubordination. How in gods name did he become commander. Any way I will deal with it until he gets demoted which will clearly happen soon.

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