Thursday, April 6, 2017

Enlistment blog Corporal Mathews

Today I have made the bigest mistake of my entire adult life that will most likely kill me and my brother and even if i do not by being shot in the Head I will have very minimal pay off. I have joined the confederate army with my brother. Mistake one. MAKING MY GODDAMN BROTHER JOIN THE MILLITARY! He was not excited to join at all and the only reason he joined was to be with me and that didn't even happen! He was assinged to a different regiment. Mistake two I joined the military! I am a cook not a soldier! I will be shot so fast! And i joined the regement that was made up of soft rich guy that can shoot! So i will die very soon. And the commander keeps shouting insubordination for no reason. So i might die soon. Bye.

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