Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Kasia Sustaita-1862 Blog

Captain Longstreet is giving a sermon to the soldiers (after the battle had occurred)..He is talking...

There is a lot of talk about where the Confederacy will go from here. I know God was present when we gathered outside Sharpsburg, ready to fight for our beliefs in this long battle. I never thought so many changes could take place in one day. When we gained control of the Cornfield finally, when I saw the reddened cornfield and all that bloodshed I thought God was finally putting an end to the killing. When I heard that Alabama soldier yell “about face” back at Bloody Lane, we retreated. When we got to the bridge at Antietam Creek we put up a good fight. Three different cannon bombs were more than we could bear. We had no choice but to retreat. General Lee conducted a final meeting while Burnside was getting his men across that bridge.
So we reorganized and by the grace of god, A.P. Hill's infantry arrived and helped push back the Union troops. Toward the end of this bloody day it has been said that General Lee retreated to Virginia because McClelland did not act. Was there actually a winner in this heinous war? The Union claimed victory. McClelland was fired for not taking action, the photos taken of the battle scene tell a story all their own. They speak for themselves and show the reality of the bloodshed.
President Lincoln releases his “Emancipation Proclamation” of the Antietam disaster.
So before we close in prayer and end this meeting- remember it is not our place to question the Lord and ask how this could happen. Remember that the photos tell a story.  Remember that God sees all the bloodshed from up above, far much more than the photos tell us.

Let us all pray not only for the south, but let us pray for our enemies as well, as we are all God’s children just as it says in this glorious book I hold high in my hand.

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