Saturday, May 20, 2017

1863 blog; letter home by Private Mathews.

Dear John Mathews,
     I write to you with a heavy heart and on tear stained paper as the barer of bad news. As you are aware Your sons joined the military as infantry men, and I am one of them, William. Recently a battle in Gettysburg occurred and it was the Bloodiest battle in the war, and in the after math as the smoke cleared over the blood stained hills, the Union emerged the victor. One of the main reasons for this was the 14th Minnesota charge. In a event reminiscent of bunker hill during the revolutionary war, the regiment was defending the hill against the confederate forces when the defenders ran out of bullets. They then charged the confederates, with bayonets fixed. Your youngest son was attacking the union. He is dead. This letter is from your eldest son to tell you about his awards. He was awarded a posthumus certificate of merit for being the only soldier to stay and fight when the union came charging down the hill and when they reached him, he took out his personal knife, and took down three men before taking a bayonet to the chest and crying out "I died for my true country." He was buried where he died in the battle field memorial in a grave that read, "Was a brave man in a sea of cowerds."

                                                                                                      your's truly, William Mathews

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1865 blog by private matthews

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