Monday, May 15, 2017

1865 Blog- Private Kist

                                                                                                                                             April 11, 1865
Dear Sweet Angels of the World,
         The war is over. The Union has won. General Lee has met with General Grant and has surrendered. We have said goodbye to our fellow soldiers. We have gone home. I now right this journal entry on my front porch, too awake to sleep. I write this as a final entry in this journal, as a symbol to that the war is over and settled. The battle of Sailors Creek was a hard one. The south was cornered from the beginning as General Grant's well supplied troops cornered us from all sides. We all knew that if we wanted to live then we would have to surrender. It was either that or die. General Lee dressed in his best suit, if he was going to be taken as a prisoner, he was going to do it with dignity. The terms of surrender were nice, we got to keep our own guns we were to go home, we got to keep our own horses, and we were given 25,000 ration meals. I remember this now, so happy that the war is over, both sides tired and homesick. I will now go to sleep, there is no more to say.
                                                 Good Night and Far Well,
                                                                       Sweet Angels of the World

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