Saturday, May 20, 2017

corporal mathews 1864 blog

Things are not going well. In my regiment with the insane (and who I think supports the north) leader, who just yells insubordination all the time, the green rich babies who do not know the first thing about working, our supplies have run out. we have no more tents, no more bullets, no more guns, and no more uniforms incoming. Everything we are ever going to have is going to be carried with us now and we are probably going to die because of it. We now have to ration much more effectivly, with less food for everyone and my belly already moans to be filled. Our guns now have to be perserved beyond care and we are no longer training with weapons because we can not waste any bullets. And it is all General Shermans fault. When he burned Atlanta he burned our only factories so now we are most likely going to starve or run out of bullets in battle or be shot by our own men because we have no uniforms. I wonder if the north accepts desserters?

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