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Kasia Sustaita- 1864 Blog

January 18th,1864
Dear President Lincoln,
Usually my correspondence and reporting are addressed to Confederate Generals. However, after General John Bell ordered the evacuation of Atlanta in order to create new manufacturing centers, so many events have taken place. I’m not sure if our mail routes are still functioning so out of desperation, I feel that I should report to you Mr. President, and pray that you receive my correspondence.
I don't know what reports you have received but your Union Major Sherman is further creating more devastation to parts of this country that have already suffered enough. Even though the war did not go as planned by the South after your speech in Gettysburg, I thought even though we have our differences, that our soldiers have suffered enough, both North and South.
As a former minister and man of God I find “Sherman's March” despicable and cannot believe the damage I have seen and heard.
He set the City of Atlanta on fire. Not only were there more casualties, our railroad was damaged and we cannot plant crops on burned ground. We will all starve to death if we can't start our Spring Crop. Our slaves were set free and our homes are gone. There is desperation on the streets. I don't know how this General Sherman can be so evil. The few people down here that were trying to rebuild after the horrible bosses of the war are now without hope. We all live in fear that this havoc will never end.
Please Mr. President put an end to General Sherman’s ride of destruction. May god bless you and our country.
Captain John Longstreet

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