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June 1865

Greetings to the Editor of the New Orleans Times:
It has been a long year so far and many things have taken place. I am glad to call New Orleans my home now. I appreciate the hospitality here and glad I am involved in Reconstruction after our country’s devastating war. Back in May, word had gotten out that our divided nation was no longer divided. What was left of the Confederacy there in Texas, as their intentions were good, everyone now realizes that it was a useless battle that I was not involved in. In one of our nation’s leading newspapers, I have been criticized by some that I did not fully support General Lee in the battle at Gettysburg and that I am partly to blame for the loss of that battle. I feel that no one should hold grudges against each other and continue to live in the past. God wants us to forgive each other for our sins as he would too. We should put the pain and suffering behind us and support President Johnson.  Most are aware that I have now joined the Republican Party. The war is over, and we must move forward and embrace change.
Let me set the record straight, my friendly association with Ulysses Grant is not for political reasons. He and I attended West Point together many years ago, and even though we had different beliefs about government, we have always remained friends.
I ask those that have criticized me here in New Orleans to please remember, that I consider this city as my home,let the past remain in the past. On behalf of the Republican Party let us all work together on Reconstruction and dispelling rumors.

James Longstreet

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